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Eurasia: Cultural Construct and Geopolitical Vision, 27-28 June 2007 - Lancaster University

Eurasia: Cultural Construct and Geopolitical Vision, 27-28 June 2007

This interantional colloquium will be held 27-28 June 2007. It is co-organised by Professor Galin Tihanov (Lancaster University) and Professor Vera Tolz (University of Manchester) as part of the 2006/7 Annual Research Programme on regions and regionalism in Europe, hosted by the Institute for Advanced Studies at Lancaster University and directed by Dr Robert Crawshaw.

The colloquim will feature papers and discussion presentations by internationally renowned experts on the history, culture, politics, and economic life of Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia. By looking at these two parts of the world and their relationships, we wish to examine the idea of regions and regionalism beyond the borders of the European Union.

The colloquium will subject to a careful analysis, and from an interdisciplinary perspective, essential aspects of Eurasia as a cultural construct and a geopolitical vision: its philosophy of space, its historical foundations, its impact on politics, business and international development in the 21st century.

The three sessions of the colloquium will focus on the history and the cultural doctrine of the Eurasian Movement and will present case-studies of present-day Ukraine and Georgia. It is our intention to provide ample time for discussion and to enable participants to follow all sessions of the colloquium.

Conference organisers
Professor Galin Tihanov (Lancaster University): g.tihanov@lancaster.ac.uk
Professor Vera Tolz (University of Manchester): vera.tolz@manchester.ac.uk


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